The 20 Best Mythic Fiction Writers

Authors who write mythic fiction are modern-day bards, weaving tales that resonate with the echoes of ancient myths and legends. Their aim is to re-imagine and re-interpret the timeless stories of gods, heroes, and monsters for contemporary audiences, and to breathe new life into age-old narratives while exploring the universal themes that underpin them.

The 20 Best Gothic Romance Writers

Gothic romance writers have enthralled readers with tales that blend mystery, horror, and romance. Originating in the 18th century with Horace Walpole’s “The Castle of Otranto,” the genre reached its zenith during the 19th century, as authors like Ann Radcliffe, Mary Shelley, and the Brontë sisters captivated audiences with their tales of eerie castles, forbidden love, and supernatural phenomena.

The 20 Best Techno-Thriller Books

The techno-thriller book genre is a captivating fusion of technology, espionage, and suspense, often exploring the intersection of cutting-edge technological advancements with the complexities of espionage, military operations, and political intrigue. This subgenre of thriller fiction emerged in the late 20th century, gaining prominence as rapid technological advancements captured the public’s imagination.

The 20 Best Techno-Thriller Authors

The techno-thriller genre emerged in the late 20th century. It seamlessly blends technology, espionage, and suspense to create narratives that explore the impact of cutting-edge advancements. Central to this genre is a focus on realistic speculation about future technologies, often grounded in thorough research and expert consultation.

The 20 Best Sword & Sorcery Authors

Sword and sorcery authors are masters of crafting tales filled with thrilling adventures, magical worlds, and epic battles. Robert E. Howard, often regarded as the father of sword and sorcery, created the iconic character Conan the Barbarian. Howard’s stories, filled with barbaric heroes, ancient civilizations, and dark sorcery, laid the foundation for the genre.

The 20 Best Christian Fiction Books

Christian fiction is a genre that weaves elements of faith, spirituality, and moral values into its narratives, offering readers stories that explore the complexities of life through a Christian lens. Rooted in a foundation of Christian beliefs, this genre encompasses a wide range of sub-genres, including historical fiction, romance, suspense, fantasy, and contemporary settings.

The 20 Best Christian Fiction Writers

Christian fiction authors are storytellers with a unique commitment to infusing their narratives with themes of faith, morality, and spiritual exploration. These writers, hailing from diverse backgrounds and denominations, share a common goal: to create literature that resonates with readers seeking stories grounded in Christian principles.