About The Books List

The Books List is a new project from the London-based father and son team responsible for the renowned NoSweatShakespeare website, Ralph and Ed Goldswain. They started The Books List to allow them to expand their footprint beyond Shakespeare, and make the whole world of English literature accessible and easy to understand.

Ralph Goldswain, Content Writer

Ralph taught English Literature in England for four decades.

During the 1980s he was seconded to the National Shakespeare and Schools Project, where he helped develop methods of teaching Shakespeare to bring plays to life in the classroom.

He went on to work at the London Education Authority, where his focus was working with teachers to make Shakespeare lively, comprehensible, and enjoyable for their students. He has created and delivered Shakespeare workshops for both teachers and students, and still regularly visits schools in the UK and Europe to address groups of teachers.

Ralph has also published books on South Africa’s 1820 settlers.

Ed Goldswain

Founder & Web stuff

Ed has inherited a love of literature of all stripes, is an avid reader of both fiction and non-fiction, and a budding content writer in his own right.

His career has been focused on digital marketing and content creation for a range of global brands over the past two decades, and now runs his own digital agency servicing travel clients.

TheBooklist website is more of a passion than a hobby – with the goal of making literature easy and accessible for all ages.

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